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Available in Asheville, Hickory, and Raleigh

The Science House and Young Engineers continue to offer a one-of-a-kind hybrid program, meeting for a total of 48 hours over the course of four months. Students will convene twice a week online, where a teacher will conduct a live, interactive lesson where the students are able to participate and ask questions. Students can also review these lessons at anytime. Outside of class, students will work on engineering projects during the week. Students even have access to their instructor outside of the lessons, with the ability to contact them via email or call with questions. Furthermore, the students will meet locally every other week for two hours to do additional, cooperative construction and lab work. Our goal is to educate students through the use of both engineering and scientific methods in hands-on, minds-on projects taught by experienced educators who are leaders in STEM education.

All of our students will design, build and create using math and science:

3D Printing
Taken right out of the future, 3D Printing is the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital object.  It almost seems like a magical process.  Students start by learning how to draw and design in 3D, and then using a 3D printer, they will manufacture their very own product they designed.  This experience will help them in the near future, as 3D printers become part of the everyday world, but also now in their math classes, strengthening their spacial and critical reasoning skills

Our students will not only build and launch rockets, they will design their own custom ships.  By utilizing engaging and scientifically accurate simulators like Kerbal and RockSim, your student will learn about space,orbital mechanics  and rocket design.  They will learn the skills they need to continue tinkering, designing, and building on their own at home.

Ancients Engineering
Did you know the roman aqueducts once provided 100,000,000 gallon of water to Rome daily?   Or that the early greeks could prove that the earth was round?   We will explore some of the significant architectural, civil and military engineering feats of the classical world using modern technology. Your student will be building their own desktop engineering marvels developed by the ancients.

Environmental Engineering
Engineers often work on solving big problems, like the challenges facing our environment.  Your child will learn what environmental engineers do when solving problems unique to our environment.   We will take a specific look at renewable fuel, including solar and wind.   Your child will use solar energy to power an electronic device and see the challenge of updating the grid.

Materials Engineering
One of the hottest fields in materials engineering is nanotechnology.  Nanotechnology is technology of the very small.  After years of promises, nanotechnology is beginning to appear in consumer products in everything from consumer electronics to soaps.  We will use the technology of the very small to do some rather big things.


  • Thank you for an amazing course. Elliot loved it. He learned so much and really found his passion.  It was a great experience and he enjoyed learning with your program. You made it possible, found a place for him in the class and I am so thankful!  -  Beatrice.

  • Our daughter, Delaney, enjoyed your program very much and we would like to thank you for providing such a positive learning experience. We were very impressed by the hands on instruction and we hope she will receive the same passion in all of her future learning. - Lisa.

  • Thank you Sandy and Tom for your dedication to these children and providing such a wonderful program for them to explore the engineering field.  I feel very fortunate to have found this program for my son and know he is benefiting greatly from it.  It is something he looks forward to each week.  It feeds his passion in a way that his school is not able to provide. -  Lisa.

  •  The content  was challenging and fun and exactly what we were looking for . This was the highlight of my son’s week. - Kristy.

  • My son LOVED the class.  He looks forward to future classes - Theresa.

  • My son liked the class and I know he was totally engaged. - Kelly.

  • Tom and Sandy, Thank YOU so much for making this program available to our students.  I am sure that they would all agree with me that their students learned a tremendous amount and had a great time while learning it. - Jennifer.

Find More Information on the Spring Semester Calendar for Each Location and on Registration Click HERE (you will be redirected to the Young Engineers of Today Webpage)