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A Second Report on Physics First Textbooks, John Hubisz

Physics: A First Course by Tom Hsu and published by CPO Science

Conceptual Physics, Principles of Physics, Experiment, & Virtual Physics Labs from Kinetic Books. CDs.

Conceptual Physical Science/Physics by Paul Hewitt and published by Addison-Wesley.

Active Physics by Eisenkraft and published by It’s About Time.
Review by Barry Feierman

Prisms Plus (2005) by Roy Unruh et.al. and published by Centre Pointe Learning

InterActions in Physical Science by Fred Goldberg, Sharon Bendall, Patricia Heller, and Robert Poel and published by It’s About Time
Review by John L. Hubisz

Understanding Physics by David Cassidy, Gerald Holton, and James Rutherford with Student Guide published by Springer Verlag, New York NY 2002
Review by John L. Hubisz

Introductory Physical Science 8th edition with Formative Assessment by Haber-Schaim, Gendel, Kirksey, and Pratt and published by Science Curriculum Inc., Belmont, MA 02478
Review by John L. Hubisz

Various Texts - Part 3
Reviews by John L. Hubisz

Dr. Hubisz continues to add reviews to the site. Currently featured is Experiments in Atmospheric Physics by Craig F. Bohren

Foundations of Physical Science by Tom Hsu published by CPO Science, 26 Howley Street, Peabody, MA.
Review by John L. Hubisz

Reforming Education: The Opening of the American Mind, Mortimer J. Adler (edited by Geraldine Van Doren) published by Macmillan, New York, 1988.
Review by John L. Hubisz

Reviews of Videos
by John L. Hubisz

This collection of reviews will focus on science videos. Currently featured is Playing with Physics.

FAST (Foundational Approach to Science Teaching - University of Hawaii) Materials
Review by Hugh B. Haskell, The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

This is an older review, but of materials still being used as indicated through requests of teachers.

Review in Progress
by John L. Hubisz

This review of Prentice Hall Science Explorer Grade 6 Texas Edition is a work in progress. Updates will be posted periodically. Last update 8/22/02.

Various Texts
Reviews by John L. Hubisz

Reviews of various books and lab manuals including The New World of Mr. Tompkins, Essentials of Elementary Science, Teaching with Toys, The Best of WonderScience and Nuclear Power: Villain or Victim?

Various Texts - Part 2
Reviews by John L. Hubisz

Reviews of various books including Atoms, Science Experiments Using Vernier Sensors, Force, Motion, and Energy, The Mystery of Gravity and more.

Transforming Middle School Science Education
by Paul DeHart Hurd published by Teachers College Press (2000)
Review by John L. Hubisz

Review of Middle School Physical Science Texts
John L. Hubisz

The purpose of the grant was to review and critique the physical science in Middle School (grades 6, 7, and 8, although some schools called Junior High designate grades 7, 8, and 9) science textbooks with regard to the scientific accuracy, adherence to an accurate portrayal of the scientific approach, and the appropriateness and pedagogic effectiveness of the material presented for the particular grade level. The author noted such things as readability, attractiveness, quality of illustrations, and whether material such as laboratory activities, suggested home activities, exercises to test understanding, and resource suggestions where considered appropriate.


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